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Website Issues

Updated 4 July 2016, 23:20 BST   (Welsh language message added 12 July)
A recent update made our website a bit poorly, so it hid in bed for a couple of weeks.
We have traced the problem to the “translation” feature, so had to turn it off for now, meaning the Welsh-language version of the site is now unavailable. We’ll try to find another solution soon.

Mae’r wefan ar gael dros dro yn yr iaith Gymraeg. Mae hyn oherwydd gwrthdaro meddalwedd. Derbyniwch ein hymddiheuriadau.

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If you’ve never seen or experienced the winter sport of Curling, it is a team sport played on ice, featuring heavy granite stones, strange devices that look a little like kitchen brooms and absolutely never any ice skates.  To find out more about how curling works, check out About Curling.

For general information about Curling in Wales take a look at our information pack, or contact the First Province of Wales Membership Officer, Richard Pougher, at membership@welshcurling.org.uk

If you want to come and have a go, see TryCurling.