What’s Changed?

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Welcome to the new and improved Welsh Curling website.

If you’re used to the old site (pictured, right) you’ll have noticed a lot has changed.

Re-vamped colours

Visually, it’s out with the green, in with the white – with the formerly solid background colour now relegated to the sides of the page. The top banner has gained a photo of curling in action at Deeside, but sadly lost the FPOW shield.  If we can sensibly put it back, we will.

Site Layout

At the Top

The menu has been re-designed, and hopefully is slightly more intuitive to use. On it you can find broad categories (eg: Competitions, About, Events) plus some items that have no sub-pages, but are so important (eg: TryCurling) that to lose them from the top menu would be criminal.

Wales Teams

Display of "Wales Teams" menuThis option takes you to details of teams representing Wales internationally, and all relevant competitions and matches that we can get details for.


As I write this post, the Schedule of matches has yet to be produced for the coming season, and an internal debate is raging (OK, simmering) about whether it warrants a whole menu section of its own. Time will tell on that one.


The Competitions section now includes brief details of each competition, plus match results, league tables and more related information.


This section contains everything from the basic explanation of what Curling is to a reasonably in-depth history of the Association (including videos), plus a rogues’ gallery of your Committee members to the site’s copyright details and privacy policy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check if it’s under ‘About’.

Try Curling

For the experienced curler, this item should need little introduction. Clicking on this will bring up details of what someone who is completely new to the sport should expect from an initial hour-long session on the ice.

Honours Board

We now have some details of past competition and award winners on the website. Please check them out. If you can fill in the blanks, or supply photos of any of the events in the Province’s history, please contact the webmaster!


The new Events Calendar

A brand-new feature, this is the way to get to a fully-interactive calendar of events (both on and off the ice), which presents a month’s worth of events at a time, in the manner of the type you may have in the kitchen. You can scroll from one month to the next using buttons above the calendar itself.

The calendar colour-codes events by type, so unless you suffer from significant colour-blindness it should be possible to tell what sort of events are coming up at a simple glance. There is also an option to restrict visible posts to a single type using the drop-down list above the calendar.

View of a typical 'event' page

Event view showing date, venue and time- with option to check venue details

If you prefer to make life difficult for yourself, there is the other method – browsing all available events (past and present) – which is again on the same page, underneath the calendar.

Clicking on any event will bring up more details, and you can also find more information about each of our main events’ venues, the full address and a map of any venue (where known) plus a list of all events taking place at any named venue, simply by following the links through the system.

View of Venue detail screen

Event Venue details, including full address, map and other information

Eventually, there may be more items that appear on the main menu. Hopefully these will be fairly self-explanatory.

Not a place to store your drinks while you have a twirl on the dancefloor, rather this is a big addition to this website. On most but not all* pages there is now a sidebar on the right-hand-side, including various new features. The first is translation.


flags of various nations

Clicking a flag (on sidebar) changes language

You can now translate the website into one of many European and World languages, meaning for thefirst time the Welsh Curling Association website is available in Welsh.  Translations are a collaborative effort between automated scripts and manual edits – so if you are a native/fluent writer of a language and notice a mis-translation, feel free to correct it.

Events Calendar

The small event calendar on the sidebar is mainly intended for reference. A full, colour-coded event calendar, which you can filter by event type, is available via the site’s main menu.

Post Archive

The “Archived Posts” section allows you to browse the history of the site. Please note that some posts may not be in the archive you expect. For example, a note about an upcoming tournament may be dated in the month(s) before the actual event, while results for matches and tournaments near the end of a month may be dated the following month.

There may also be cases where posts are dated completely differently for no obvious reason*.

Links, Social Media ETC.

Lower down the sidebar you will see the familiar Facebook feed, plus links to both our own archive site (for results in the period 2009-2012) and other curling-related websites. Most of these will open in a new tab/window by default, so you can continue browsing Welsh Curling.

Down the Bottom

At the bottom of every page is a set of Quick Links – frequently-needed pages from the site – and a ‘tagcloud’ which allows you to browse for items based on the topics they include. The bigger the topic name, the more they’re being talked about.  Please note, the tags are (on the whole) manually added, and so there may be some items missing tags. If so, please let us know.

* – mainly for technical/presentation reasons

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