Wales take Triple Crown at Four Nations 2015

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Victorious President and Skip Adrian Meikle with (l-r): The Meikle Trophy, the Kay Trophy & the Welsh Stone

Victorious President and Skip Adrian Meikle with (l-r): The Meikle Trophy, the Kay Trophy & the Welsh Stone

For the second time in three years, Wales have had a clean sweep at the Four Nations.  The squad lost just 2 matches over the course of the weekend, and will hold all three trophies until next season’s meeting, which will be hosted by Wales.

In brief:

Wales 30-22 England

Wales 32-25 Ireland,

Wales 32-14 Scotland

It was a successful visit to Fenton’s Curling Rink in Kent for the Wales squad. They had already secured the Kay Trophy for victory over England by the end of Saturday, but the third day of competition saw Wales play for two more, against Ireland and Scotland.

Wales v. Ireland in the final End

Wales v. Ireland in the final End

The day started with Wales’ ladies picking up against Scotland, and they had a substantial lead behind them.  It was a very tight match, and Wales just lost by one shot to leave a 12-shot lead for the men to defend. The result seemed pretty secure, but depended on the outcome of the men’s match later on in the day.

Wales then faced Ireland in 2 matches on the late morning session, and were working with a slender lead of just 3 shots. Despite falling behind at one point, the Wales teams both managed to steady the ship, and victory came with a total 7-shot margin.

The triple-crown was secured by victory for the men against Scotland. On a sheet of ice with variable speed and a significant fall, it was the Wales team who found the lines and the right shot speed to bring the result. Scotland needed a significant score near the start of the match in order to prevent Wales running away with the result, but they struggled to keep stones in the house as Wales removed the English stones and kept plenty of their own in there.  In the end, the Scottish rink shook after just 5 ends, and the 8-2 win was more than enough to mean Wales took the Big Bertha stone.

DSC_0004Highlights of the weekend’s action will be posted on the Welsh Curling YouTube channel soon.

The next Four Nations meeting will be at a similar time in 2016, hosted by Wales. Depending on the result of Wales’ bid to build their own dedicated curling facility, it may be held at Deeside rather than Scotland.