#wmdqe2019 – Session 2: DEN-WAL

Session 2 Denmark vs Wales

A good pre-game practice and last stone draw saw Wales win the hammer in the first end. They were unfortunate not to capitalize and only scored a 1. Denmark came back hard in the second and with two very good shots and made a 3.

The next 3 ends were tight affairs but Wales closed the gap with a steal in the fifth end bringing the score to 4 : 3. Denmark spotting the danger and called their power play and were fortunate to score a 3.

The seventh end presented Wales with a tricky situation and called a time-out. The coach welcomed the opportunity to move from the frozen bench in the (not unusual) Baltic Sheet E. The Wales defense against the Danish attack did not hold and the Danes came out on top.

A good start to the tournament with Wales showing confidence going into their next game against Ukraine tomorrow at 12:30.

National Championships & Wales Team Selection info

If you wish to play in the Welsh National Championships 2015, or be considered for a place on the National Performance Programme (and potential selection for a Wales squad or team), make sure you fill in the relevant form and return it to Adrian Meikle by 31st December 2014.

Wales Curling Performance Programme

Historically, teams representing Wales on the international stage have formed themselves and competed at Playdowns (if there are sufficient teams to warrant it) to decide on who has the right to go. With continually-rising standards in other nations, the Welsh Curling Association have made the decision to move to a selection policy instead.

The new selection policy has not changed the eligibility criteria.

Full details can be found in the Selection Policy Document. Continue reading