Four Nations 2017

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DSC_0004The Four Nations meeting is a chance for Wales to compete against Scotland, England and Ireland for a series of trophies. There is usually a mixture of men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams.
Scotland are hosting the Four Nations this season.

At last season’s Four Nations in 2016 Wales beat England and Scotland but were defeated by Ireland, who took a triple crown (otherwise known as the Grand Slam) by beating England and Scotland as well – the closest that the Four Nations ever has to an overall champion.

The trophies that Wales will be trying to retain or win back are:

  • The Kay Trophy (against England)
  • The Meikle Trophy (against Ireland)
  • The Welsh Stone (aka “Big Bertha” – against Scotland)

Most nations compete for a single joint trophy, with the scores from all relevant matches (men’s, ladies’ and mixed) added together to decide the winner. However, Scotland play against England for separate men’s and ladies’ trophies; the Scotland v. England men’s contest, for the Tom Ballatyne Trophy, is the original rivalry and goes back over a century.