ValentineSpiel 2015

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  • A heart symbol, used at the 2012 ValentineSpiel
    A fun competition, this event was first tried during the 2011-2012 season, and will return to Dumfries in February 2015.

    Please enter either as a team or an individual. Anyone who does not have a full team will be placed in one. The intention is to play three 6-end games per day as previously.

    As is customary during a weekend competition, we will arrange a meal on the Saturday night at a restaurant in Dumfries. This will be open to all players, plus any friends, family and supporters who are also coming. However, we will need to confirm numbers for this dinner in advance.

    Feel free to forward to other people, the more the merrier! We look forward to seeing you all again on the ice at Dumfries.

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    If you are likely to want one (or more) places for the Saturday evening meal, please indicate this.

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  • General Points

    Except where varied on this page, the competition will be played according to the RCC rulebook.

    Team makeup

    Barring exceptional circumstances, teams should be made up of 4 players. Teams containing both men and women are preferred, but they need not be 2+2 (Mixed format) teams.


    Matches are scheduled for 6 Ends, but will take place within a strict time limit of 1h30, signalled by either electronic means or by the tournament’s Games Secretary/Organiser. Teams who are engaged in a match which is not complete after that time shall complete the End they are currently playing and no more. As per RCCC rules, an End is deemed to have started once the scores from the previous End have been agreed.

    Competition Format

    The competition will be played as a three-stage Schenkle, with entry of up to 12 teams. As normal, 2 table ranking points will be awarded for a match win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.

    Stage 1: The teams are initially divided into up to 3 groups. If the entry list permits, these groups will play as a pre-determined Round Robin rather than pure Schenkle.

    Stage 2: After the Group matches are complete – expected at the close of play on day one – they will be ranked in an overall table. Teams will then play 2 more matches, in which they face opponents who hold the next table position below or above them. Should the teams adjacent to one another in the table have already faced one another, the higher ranked team shall play the next available (unmet) opposition, and the draw adjusted as appropriate.

    Stage 3: Table rankings after 5 matches will be used to determine the opponents for the final matches. While it will be avoided if possible, teams may play an opposing team they have already faced. The prize winners will be decided by Table rankings.

    Assumptions & Exclusions

    These rules assume that approximately 12 teams wish to enter the competition. Should significantly more (or fewer) teams enter, the organisers reserve the right to amend the format of the event accordingly. Should this apply, all teams will be notified. In the unlikely event that increased entries mean the scheduled playing time would prove insufficient, the competition may be extended to cover additional hours (but not additional days).

    Table Rankings and Disputes

    Table Rankings

    Table rankings will be based on Points, then Ends, then shots, then shot difference. Should the ranking still be in deadlock, teams in the same position may be ranked based on whether they have won or lost a match against the other(s) who have the same figures. If this is unable to determine ranking, a coin toss shall take place with the winner taking the higher table spot.  Should deadlock be reached after the final match, an Extra End shall be played between teams in deadlock (if possible), or a Draw Shot Challenge may take place. Should the ice no longer be available, or all teams affected by a particular deadlock agree, alternative methods (including but not limited to a coin toss) shall be employed. The method(s) to be used shall be the decision of the first of these people who is both present and not involved in the deadlock: Tournament Games Secretary, Organiser, a WCF accredited Umpire, the WCA President, FPOW President, the WCA and FPOW Vice-Presidents, another member of the WCA Executive Committee, another member of the FPOW Executive Committee, any RCCC employee or official.


    Most matters regarding play, the legality of shots etc should be decided between the Skips of the two teams affected. If the Skips are in dispute, they may jointly agree to ask the Vice-Skips to adjudicate instead.

    Scoring of each End is the responsibility of the Vice-Skip (whoever is ‘in the head’) for the final stones in each End.  Should there be a dispute between the Vice-Skips, they should use the Measure or Bite Stick to determine which stone(s) count. Should a WCF accredited Umpire be available for this purpose, the teams should allow the Umpire to use the relevant instrument(s) instead. As per RCCC/WCF rules, if use of a Measure is unable to determine which stone(s) should count, all affected stones are deemed to score 0.

    Disputes which cannot be settled between the teams should be referred to the first of this group who is available:

    • A WCF accredited Umpire
    • A player from another match, mutually agreed by both Skips.
    • A non-player, mutually agreed to by both Skips
  • Depending on the number of entries, the plan is for all teams to play 3 matches, lasting 1h30 (or 6 ends) on both Saturday and Sunday.

    The first matches are due to take place at 10am on Saturday 14th. Teams are asked to arrive by 09:45 to allow time for any announcements and questions.

    Please note your Sheet (lane) and opposition before each round, and complete the coin toss before the session begins. This will allow you as much time as possible to complete the actual games. A brief article with tips to improve your game speed can be found on the Canadian Curling Association website. See also: Slow Play article from Brampton.

    The competition match schedule, group tables etc will all be posted on the ValentineSpiel event site.

  • Venue

    Dumfries Ice Bowl is around 2h50 by car from Deeside. There are 6 sheets of ice available for curling, plus a separate skating/hockey rink. Off-ice facilities include:

    • Men’s changing room
    • Women’s changing room
    • Self-service café
    • Curling lounge, with viewing windows and TVs to view the matches
    • Volunteer-run bar in aid of Dumfries’ Young Curlers (subject to availability).

    The Ice Bowl is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre, and approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the railway station.


    There are numerous places to stay in Dumfries, available via websites such as LateRooms, Hotels, Booking etc. Most establishments within walking distance of the town centre and rink are independent B&Bs and hotels, but there is also a Premier Inn and a Travelodge near the Dumfries bypass (10-15 minutes’ drive from the rink).