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For more information about Curling in Wales take a look at our information pack, or contact the First Province of Wales Membership Officer, Richard Pougher, at membership@welshcurling.org.uk

New Website

The new website for the Welsh Curling Association and First Province of Wales is now complete and ready to view at www.welshcurling.org.uk/content. It boasts many new features, but an automated transfer of this site's content to the new format is not one of them.  For this reason, these pages will remain as an archive.

However, we have a shortage of pictures to include. If you have photos of any previous Welsh Curling competitions or events, please contact the Webmaster.

End of Season!

The final night of the season was Monday 26th March.  The early game saw a replay of the previous week's Shenkle game, with AV73 up against the Rookies in the Spring League, a match that AV73 got the result they needed to take the Spring League title  The final positions of teams in the FPOW Premier League Division 1 was also decided.  Deeside Mix & Match beat Mid Wales Marauders and Sealand Sliders lost to Mid Wales Vikings, so DMM and SSL swap places (2nd and 3rd).

The long summer break was punctuated by the Annual General Meetings for the Welsh Curling Association and the First Province, both held on 14th May.

Curling will begin again at Deeside on Monday 10th September 2012.

Presentation Evening

All members, their families and guests are welcome and invited to the annual Awards Presentation Evening and disco, this season organised by Connah's Quay curling club.

Saturday 28th April
Holiday Inn - Chester West (A55)
Tickets: £18
to include hot food

Approach Jane (Province Treasurer) or Alan Glancy to buy

Results and Schedule updates
The League Cup resumed again after Christmas on Monday 9th January, and Deeside Curling Club kept hold of their reign over the competition table.

This season sees the return of the Spring League - although it will feature a smaller number of teams as the FPOW Premier League (Division 1) is still ongoing.

The FPOW League (Division 2) is now at an end, and after 10 games Mid Wales Kites are 2 points clear at the top, with 8 wins and just 1 loss for Lesley Gregory's team.  Many congratulations to Lesley and the whole team, who will be awarded the Phil Jones Trophy at the Presentation Evening.

FPOW Premier League Division 2 Table

Team Played Won Lost Peeled Shots Ends Pts
MWK 10 8 1 1 98 46 17
SSH 10 7 2 1 100 45 15
AV06 10 6 3 0 79 39 12
WH 10 4 5 0 49 33 8
AV73 10 3 7 0 40 31 6
SWK 10 0 10 0 22 13 0

The finals of the League Cup Schenkel competition will take place on Monday 19th March. AV73 will play the Rookies in the early game, while the High Road Final will be between Deeside Curling Club and Deeside Mix & Match.

For full details, see the updated online schedule and competition results pages.

Need a broom or slider?curling broom with fixed head
They've moved!
You will find them kept in the equipment cupboard before each game from now on.

Please collect any footwear, brooms or delivery aids from this cupboard before your game is due to begin - and return them there afterwards.

Apart from that needed for coaching or TryCurling sessions, all game equipment will now be kept in the store cupboard next to the scoreboards. This change is to make sure we clear the ice in time for ice hockey players, who have the rink booked immediately after us.

It also means returning them back to the same place as they started, and they are at the same end as the stones, ready for play  -

A reminder: if playing as Lead, you can conduct the toss for first/second play before the whistle blows to begin your game. This will help begin the match on time and allow more play.

Valentine Spiel
New for 2011: Various Welsh curlers organised a Bonspiel in February.

There were 8 teams who entered this event, which took place at Dumfries Ice Bowl on Sat. 18th & Sun 19th February. The weekend was enjoyed by all, and the team headed by James Pougher emerged the winners.

Looking Ahead: The Kershaw Cup & Welsh Nationals
The Kershaw Cup is an annual competition between The First Province of Wales and Preston Curling Club. 2010-11 was a good year for Wales, as we had several good matches and won the cup back from Preston.

This year the Kershaw Cup will be up for grabs again, and Preston will no doubt try to have a good series of teams on the ice to try to regain the title.  We will need 3 teams - 12 players - for the competition , which is on Thursday 1st March at Lockerbie Ice Rink.

The Kershaw Cup takes place just the day before the start of the Welsh National competition, which will also be held in Scotland. This is due to take place Friday 2nd-Sunday 4th March at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

December - results so far

Approximately half way through the season - and through December we had a month off curling at Deeside, to make way for the European Curling Championships, this year held in Moscow, Russia.  Teams from Deeside represented Wales in both the Men's and the Women's competitions.  The men performed well enough to maintain their position in the B-division of European Curling. Sadly the ladies did not do so well, and without any victories will have to  qualify through the C-division in future competitions.

The break in the schedule meant it was a good point to review the season so far.

large ice rink with mist shrouding the view of figures at far end, 1-2ft off the surfaceMonday 21st November saw teams back in action in the FPOW Premier League.  All teams had to struggle at the start because of a fault at the rink meaning a light mist covered the ice - although it had cleared by the time the final games were completed.

In Division One the crucial game for the week was between Deeside Curling Club and Sealand Sliders, who went into the match tied on table points, SSL holding the top spot by virtue of number of shots and ends won.
The game fell to DCC, a second successive win for them after beating SSL in the Schenkel the week before. It means Deeside Curling Club will sit undisputed at the top of the table over Christmas.


Team Played Won Lost Peeled Shots Ends Pts
DCC 6 5 1 0 47 26 10
SSL 6 4 2 0 47 26 8
DMM 6 4 2 0 35 20 8
MWM 7 3 4 0 43 24 6
MWV 5 3 2 0 31 17 6

Mid Wales Vikings are still in with a good shot at catching the top teams, as they have 2 matches in hand.

In Division 2, Mid Wales Kites take the Christmas Number One, with 3 other teams still in a good position.
Team Played Won Lost Peeled Shots Ends Pts
MWK 7 6 1 0 77 33 12
SSH 7 5 2 0 64 29 10
AV06 7 4 3 0 60 25 8
WH 7 4 3 0 40 25 8

Full results are as ever on the
"Competitions" page, for both FPOW Division 1 and Division 2.  On the same page you can also find the standings from the start-of-season Points Competition.

Results from Monday 14th November are also there, from our League Cup Schenkel competition.  We still had one more match each to play before the Christmas break, with Round 2 of the League Cup on Monday 28th November. The results left Deeside Curling Club at the top of a second table as Christmas turns to New Year.

Wales at the European Mixed tournament

Wales came close to a spot in the quarter-finals of the European Mixed Curling Championships this October, but were just kept out of the running at the round robin stage.

player Andrew Tanner reported on a slightly frustrating week in Denmark.

Social - Skittles night
As with last year, we held a social night at the Bickerton Poacher in October. Last year we managed to raise £100 towards the club's finances, and the raffle alone raised around £50.  For photos, see our facebook page (right).

Schedule revision and ice issues

The revised schedule (issued 19 Dec 2011) is now online.
Please check the schedule carefully, as there are regular matches on the early session (5:30 start).
Due to a fault with the air-conditioning plant at the Deeside Leisure Centre, we were forced to cancel curling on Monday 19th September.  Many apologies to those who set off before we could get in touch and had to turn back.  While it was pleasant for those who made it to catch up in the local pub we would all have preferred to be in the ice - but it was simply unplayable and verging on dangerous.
This will have a knock-on effect on the remaining matches to be played.

The schedule of matches is now updated, and has been revised to reflect the loss of Monday 19th Sept and Monday 3rd October - the latter due to an ice-skating competition.  Many apologies for the short notice.

This year with the vagaries of the ice available we have been unable to schedule all 3 of the compeitions as normal.
Therefore the schedule this year will consist of a double round robin for the FPOW Division 1 and Division 2 competitions and League Cup fun as a Shenkel as per last year.  Initially all matches will take place on the late session (7:50 start) with the early session set aside for coaching and practice.

The first round of the league cup is scheduled for late in November to allow the first rotation of FPOW matches to take place and also to ensure we can integrate any new members into teams.

  There will be curling every Monday in September and November, with October having two weeks off (Monday 3rd/24th) due to an ice-skating competition and school half-term. The early session will be mainly for coaching, with courses for novices, improvers and elite players all taking part - there are not expected to be any matches taking place on the early session until at least November.

Away from the Deeside Ice Rink, there are various competitions taking place over the new season.  Several have contacted us to see if any of our players would like to enter a team. Find the details under Other Competitions.

New Season & Try Curling
September is upon us and so is a new season of curling at the Deeside Leisure Centre. To anyone new to the sport, or to curling in Wales, a huge welcome. We were pleased to see some new faces at our "Try Curling" Novice coaching sessions.  If you missed out, or came along and want to build on what you learnt, you can still come back this Monday at either 5:30 pm, or 6:30 pm. Sessions cost just £5 - with under 21s a bargain at only £3.
If you are thinking of coming it would be helpful to let us know so we have the right number coaches available. Email president Chris Wells or ring 0151 708 9344 - but if you are unable to get through please come anyway as we will be there even so!
No need to bring any equipment, just wear clean trainers and some warm clothing! For more information, see Try Curling.
image of Deeside Ice rink with curling matches in progress
To our returning members, welcome back!  Coaching should also be available for improving  curlers as the season continues, with an Elite coaching series due to start later in the autumn.  We are running competitions as normal, check out the schedule for details.

Partly to see how rusty we had all got over the long summer off the ice, the Points Competition took place on our first night back (Monday 5th September).  Congratulations to James Pougher, taking the top spot with his score of 19 out of a possible 40.  Full details can be found on the Competitions page.

The first round of matches in the FPOW Premier League (Divisions 1 and 2) have also taken place, with the Sealand Sliders and Mid Wales Maurauders both taking big victories from the first night.  Deeside Mix & Match, Alyn Valley 2006, Sealand Shooters and the Wheelchair Curling Club were also winners of their first games.  The full results breakdown and tables will be posted after the second week of the competition is completed.

Membership fees for the year are now due - it is important for insurance purposes. Anyone who has not paid membership will be refused access to the ice.  This does not apply to novices trying the sport out.

For the 2011-2012 season, membership fees are:
Adult £49 (including wheelchair curlers)
Junior £19 (up to age 20)
Social membership is also available for £16, which allows playing up to 3 games.

Payment Options

Membership has always been payable in advance, and this will continue for this season.
However, this year we are trialling a new system for individual games.  However you pay for your games, the overall cost is the same, at £11 per game.
  • If you wish, you can continue bringing cash for each night.
  • Alternatively, a one-off payment (cheque is advised) for the whole season in one go.
You are probably more familiar with payment-on-the-day, as it is the system that has been used for curling at Deeside for a long time.  However, payment in advance has several advantages:
1. It saves searching for £11 each week.
2. It means ice fees are a one-off rather than regular drain.
3. It helps the WCA/FPOW finances.
4. Practice ice will be free, rather than a £3 fee each time.
5. It is a system used by virtually every other curling venue in Great Britain and for all tournaments, recognised as best practice.

This is being offered on a purely voluntary basis. Should you not wish to take part, you are free to continue on a pay-as-you play basis


Website revamp
The redesign of the Welsh Curling website is taking longer to complete than hd been hoped.  In the meantime, this version will be improved as far as possible,  It is still hoped to move to a new system, but it may have to wait until the end of the season.
In all changes, it is hoped to retain all the current content from this version of the website, as well as adding extra features and improving the look and feel of the site.
If there are any features you, as a player or curling fan, would like to see added to the site, please do get in touch with David, the webmaster.




Future of Welsh Curling - from Adrian

After 40 years of playing curling at the Deeside Leisure Centre, many in the club are keen that Welsh Curling be able to expand in Wales and improve it’s presence on an international stage. As a result of the Olympics 2010, we had considerable new interest and managed to boost our membership, but were constrained at the time and always will be by ice capacity.

As such, a committee is established, with the blessing of our Presidents, with myself as Vice Chair and Chris Wells as Chair. Much talking and investigation has already taken place into finding a suitable venue, designing a facility and making great curling ice. We are very optimistic, as are our Scottish friends and supporters. We would like to share that great optimism with you, and would like to understand from you, if you are in favour of and would support this project.

Hence I would like you to answer 10 questions in an online survey.

 Your club rep will contact you with details in addition to being displayed at the rink.


Locations, designs, size, facilities, funding and business structure are all under investigation by the committee, a business plan is being created, but the very simple finances are that we are looking at an investment of the order of £500 000 to £700 000 supported by the World Curling Federation and potentially lottery funding and we need support  from club members and a need to reach 400 members in 3 years. When we start, each curler needs to bring another member to the club.


Please contact other Deeside Curlers and tell them about the survey.

In addition, here is the proposal document that Chris is preparing to discuss with the Sports Council of Wales and other bodies.

Regards, Adrian Meikle

Season Over!

The FPOW Season for 2010/11 came to a end on Monday 28th March with the culmination of the Spring League and the League Cup.

The Spring League was won by Sealand Sliders in a see-saw game against Connahs Quay Seals which came down to the last stones from both skips. With the match tied at 5-5 and Seals with the hammer Stuart Hills managed to nudge up a stone to take shot with Anna Fowler having that hammer. Unfortunately Anna's attempted raise under up 1 foot short giving the game to Sliders by 1 shot.

The league cup was equally tight with the final positions being determined on ends. The top of the table is shown below (full table under the League Cup tab):

Team Played Won Lost Peeled For Against +/- Ends Pts
MWM 4 4 0 0 35 16 19 18 8
MWV 4 3 1 0 28 15 13 18 6
DMM 4 3 1 0 36 20 16 17 6
SWK 4 2 1 1 27 26 1 17 5
AV2011 4 2 1 1 30 21 9 14 5

High Road Winners - Mid Wales Marauders; achieving the Premier League and League Cup double for the second year running. Congratulations to Lesley, John, Ken and Jean.
High Road Runners Up - Mid Wales Vikings

The WCA/FPOW AGM was held at the Days Inn Hotel on Monday 9th May.

Revised FPOW Constitution is available on the website under the FPOW Administration tab.

A Video
Wales winning the 2007 European Mixed title.