Wales take Triple Crown at Four Nations

Adrian Meikle receives the Welsh Stone (Big Bertha) for victory over Scotland

Adrian Meikle receives the Welsh Stone (Big Bertha) for victory over Scotland

It was a successful weekend for Wales at Ayr Ice Rink, with the squad coming home with a total of three trophies, the most they could achieve. The triple crown title is unusual but not unprecedented, with at least one other time in Four Nations history when Wales is known to have held that honour.

After day one, the sides were ahead against both Scotland and England – in the case of Scotland by a considerable amount. Even against Ireland it was very close, with Wales just a single point behind as they started day two. Continue reading

Four Nations 2013: Teams

Here are the teams for the Four Nations weekend in Ayr.

Sat: 0900 1200 1500 Sun: 0900 1130 1400
4th Hugh Meikle Adrian Meikle Adrian Meikle Andrew Tanner Adrian Meikle James Pougher
3rd Laura Beever Dawn Watson Dawn Watson James Pougher Hugh Meikle Hugh Meikle
2nd Richard Pougher David Peek Stewart Cairns David Peek Andrew Robbins David Peek
1st Sara Andrew Richard Pougher Sara Andrew Andrew Robbins Richard Pougher Richard Pougher
England Ireland Scotland England Ireland Scotland
4th Andrew Tanner Lesley Gregory James Pougher Lesley Gregory Laura Beever Lesley Gregory
3rd Lesley Gregory James Pougher Lesley Gregory Dawn Watson Dawn Watson Laura Beever
2nd Andrew Robbins Laura Beever Andrew Tanner Adrian Meikle Jane Robbins Andrew Tanner
1st Jane Robbins Stewart Cairns Jane Robbins Jane Robbins Sara Andrew Sara Andrew


Four Nations 2013:Preview

The Four Nations meeting this season takes place on the third weekend of January at Ayr Ice Rink.  Teams representing Wales will play against England, Ireland then Scotland in mixed teams on Saturday 19th January, then face the same opponents in men’s/ladies’ teams on Sunday 20th.
Wales face Scotland for Big Bertha (the Welsh Stone), play against Ireland for the Meikle Trophy, and the Kay Trophy is awarded for the winner of England v. Wales.

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