Extra TryCurling session available

We are pleased to be able to announce that there will now be TryCurling sessions available at Deeside on Monday 12th March.

This date had been in our original plans for TryCurling after the Olympics – but we thought we would have to drop it from our schedule due to an apparent double-booking at Deeside ice rink. Happily this has turned out to be a clerical error at the rink and so we have been able to reinstate these sessions.

If you are too far from Deeside to reach these sessions, you may wish to be aware that there are plans to begin curling in South Wales and you can be a part of shaping those plans – there is an open meeting at Ice Arena Wales (Cardiff) tonight.

FPOW to play Welsh Grand Match

The regular 6pm and 8pm Leagues come to a close over the next fortnight – but there will still be club curling on the first two Mondays in December.

  • 8pm players:
    • Regular league concludes on Monday 30th November.
    • A two-week Grand Match begins on Monday 7th December and concludes on Monday 14th December.
  • 6pm players:
    • The League concludes on Monday 7th December.
    • On Monday 14th December, 6pm players will join the Grand Match.

How does it work?

  • The regular players on both 6pm and 8pm sessions will be split into two pools – East and West – or broadly speaking, England and Wales.
  • New teams will be made up from each pool of players
  • In each session, East will face West in 4-end (60 minute) matches. The total score from every match will be added up to decide whether East (England) or West (Wales) are the victors.
  • Matches will take place at 6pm (14th Dec), 7pm (14th Dec), 8pm (both days) and 9pm (both days). If possible, we will aim to start 6pm and 7pm matches early in order to get the full 4 ends in!

Regular club curling will then finish for the Christmas break, and return on Monday 4th January 2016. For more details of dates and games, please see the current match schedule.

Ice Conditions at Deeside

The last couple of weeks of curling at Deeside have been difficult due to slow ice, sheets which are not level and humidity in the ice hall. The humidity caused condensation to form on the curling stones, coating them in a layer of ice which left takeout shots ineffective. Condensation also gathered on the roof trusses and dripped onto the ice in several places (leaving several large bumps in the surface).

The ice rink management have told us that they had a problem with their dehumidification unit, which because it needed new parts to be ordered and fitted, took more than a week to process. The repair happened yesterday (Tuesday 10th), and we are hopeful that the dehumidifiers will work from now until Monday 16th and clear the air.

If anyone is available to come to the rink early (4:45pm onwards) on Monday 16th November, Adrian is asking for volunteers to check the stones for any remaining ice and clear them.

Autumn 2015 Schedule of play

The schedule of matches at Deeside Ice Rink in the first part of the 2015-16 season is now available.

Matches on 09 November are:

18:00 Lane-C Mid Wales Dambusters Connah’s Quay Rockers
18:00 Lane-D Sealand Arctic Monkeys Alyn Valley Fire
18:00 Lane-E Wheelies Deeside Strikers
20:00 Lane-B Deeside Die Hards Alyn Valley Atomic
20:00 Lane-C Deeside Dynamos Alyn Valley Velocity
20:00 Lane-D Mid Wales Vikings Mid Wales Kites
20:00 Lane-E Sealand Seals Alyn Valley Alternators

For games beyond this, please download the full schedule  from here or the schedule page.

No Curling at Deeside, Mon 26th Oct

Next week is the Half Term break for Flintshire. Deeside Ice Rink will be over-run with schoolchildren going ice skating, and therefore not available for curling on 26th October.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Bonspiel runs from Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November, so there will be updates from Greenacres over the long weekend to help stave off the curling-withdrawal symptoms.

All being well, we should resume curling at Deeside on Monday 2nd November.

New 2015-16 Season: information

We are just a few a days away from the start of Curling at Deeside for the 2015-16 season! We start FPOW competitions on Monday 14th September, and TryCurling will also be available for anyone who wants to give the sport a go for the first time.

Playing structure

Initially, we will run 2 separate Monday leagues for play at 6pm and 8pm. In each session, there is an uneven number of teams, and so every week at least one team will not compete (a “bye”). Please login to the clubroom to check the team lists and ensure you know which team you are in. The schedule of play will be available soon – make sure you know when your team will be playing. Continue reading

2014-15 FPOW season ends

The Curling season at Deeside Ice Rink is now over for this year. All club members should have received an email about this, if not, please log into the online clubroom to view it.

The next opportunity to curl in North Wales is expected to be in September 2015. If you are interested in trying this sport, please see our Try Curling page for more information, and contact us if you want to know more.

End-of-season events such as our presentation evening and our Annual General Meeting will take place in early May.