Meikle triumphs at Welsh Championships

Team Meikle - Welsh Champions 2013

Team Meikle: Rhys Phillips (lead), Richard Pougher (second), Andy Tanner (third) & Adrian Meikle (skip) (l-r)

Team Meikle, made up of four regular Deeside curlers, emerged triumphant at the inaugural Pain Matters Welsh Championships. It was the first time a formal national Championships had been held, and partly because of this there were just three teams entered.

Team Meikle - Welsh Champions 2013 (arty)It was an assured performance from Adrian Meikle’s team, who were also made up of Rhys Phillips (lead), Richard Pougher (second) and Andy Tanner (third). Their first game, against the team led by Chris Wells, saw Adrian’s team continually stealing single shots to take the victory. In their second, Meikle controlled the match against Andrew Robbins and ended up taking a win by 8 shots, 10-2. The weekend was only a single Round Robin format, with each team playing the others once, and the other match ended with a win for Chris Wells against Andrew Robbins. Dumfries Ice Bowl - flagsA second round might have been preferred but was not possible due to ice availability at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

In previous years, a competition known as the Welsh Playdowns took place during the first weekend of March – in order to qualify to represent Wales at the European Curling Championships. However, with curling receiving significant funding and taking off across many nations across Europe, Wales was no longer able to stay competitive in the B-Division and the men were relegated last December – 12 months after the ladies suffered the same fate.

In order to try and develop national prospects, and to make sure the best of a limited pool of curlers played in a single team, teams to represent Wales is now to be determined by a selection process, which takes place next weekend.

As not all curlers wish to compete on the international stage, the Welsh National Championships were devised as a way to increase the number of curlers competing over the weekend formerly occupied by the Playdowns, by removing the expectation that the winners would then represent Wales. It is hoped the change will mean more players take part next year.

Dumfries World Record - 2013

Dumfries’ curlers continued for several hours after breaking the record

Also taking place over the weekend was Dumfries Ice Bowl Curling Association’s successful attempt to regain the World Record for the longest Marathon Curling match – they eventually stopped after 73 hours, 6 minutes and 52 seconds.

Welsh Championships to be streamed online

THE inaugural Pain Matters Welsh National Curling Championships are nearly here, and for the first time you could see the players aiming for the title of Welsh Champions without leaving home. Dumfries Ice Bowl, where the teams will be competing this weekend (Sat 2nd March), are expecting to stream live video of some of the action.

As well as the Welsh Championships, between curlers who mainly play Monday club games at Deeside Ice Rink, viewers may also be treated to coverage of the Dumfries curlers attempting to regain the World Record for the longest curling match in history. Dumfries first broke the record 12 months ago by playing continuously for 2 ½ days, but shortly afterwards a club in Canada bettered that, adding an extra half hour.

It is the first time there has been a formal Welsh Championships. The competition was arranged to try and encourage more players and teams to take part in a premier event on dedicated curling ice. In prior years, this weekend would have been taken up by Playdowns, to decide who would represent Wales at international level – but to encourage more teams to take part, the expectation that the winners would play for Wales has been removed. The cost of taking part has been further reduced by the ice fees being sponsored by Pain Matters. International teams are now chosen by a selection policy, to ensure that the best teams possible represent Wales.

By next Monday, curling should have two new champions – the squad from Dumfries who are aiming to regain the World Record, and a team of four players normally curling at Deeside who will hold the title of Welsh Champions.

If you wish to follow the progress of either event, please visit for live video streaming, follow @FPOWcurling on twitter or visit

 About Curling

The basic idea of curling is to get at least one of your team’s “stones” – heavy discs of granite – closer to a target marked on the ice rink than any of your opponents’ stones. Each team has the chance to knock other stones out of the way or just aim for the target (known as the “house”). Continue reading

Team Beever win ValentineSpiel:Final standings and results

Five people in front of ice rink, four holding bottles of sparking wine

Andrew Robbins presents Laura Beever’s team with the winners’ prizes. More photos at

It was a team made up of Deeside players who took home the virtual silverware from the ValentineSpiel this year, although every player in every team walked away from Dumfries Ice Bowl today with a prize of some sort. Continue reading

ValentineSpiel – day one

After the first day of play in the ValentineSpiel 2013, and a little frustration getting the results into the computer correctly, the table is done and (I think) correct. With two round-robin matches still to play…

After 3 matches
Skip Points Ends Shots Shot +/-
Richard Smith 6 10 22 11
Jim Hogg 4 10 21 8
Laura Beever 4 10 20 11
Dawn Watson 4 7 15 -2
Jim McCormack 0 9 11 -14
Andrew Robbins 0 8 11 -14

The fourth and fifth matches will take place tomorrow (Sunday) morning, with High, Mid and Low Road finals on Sunday afternoon.

Welsh National Championships

The Welsh National Championships will take place in Dumfries on the first weekend of March. Teams will not be automatically be expected to represent Wales at European or World level if victorious – this will be determined via the Curling Performance Programme.

For more details about this event or the venue, please visit the event page for the Welsh Championships. Entry forms can also be found there to download.

Dumfries Birthday: an invite

Our friends at Dumfries Ice Bowl Curling Association have asked us if any Deeside players would like to play in their season-opening Bonspiel. The competition is on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September, and celebrates 20 years of curling there.

Four matches to be played, with fees at £5 per match (£2.50 juniors).

For full details see the poster, draw, and competition rules(pdf), or email

The competition clashes with the FPOW pre-season social, which is on Sunday 9th September.