New 2014-15 Season: information

Welcome back to Curling at Deeside for the 2014-15 season! We start FPOW  competitions on Monday 8th September, with lots of new members.

Playing structure

Over the next 3-4 months, we will run 2 separate Monday leagues for play at 6pm and 8pm. In each session, there is an uneven number of teams, and so every week one team will not compete (a “bye”). Please check the attached documents to ensure you know when your team will be playing. Continue reading

Curling from September

We are just 1 month away from the start of the new season! Please remember, if you want to play in either our 6pm or 8pm league, we need your form back this Sunday (9th August) at the latest. If you can’t find an email with your form attached, please contact Dawn & Adrian straightaway.

The actual structure of the league will be finalised over the next fortnight or so, once the deadline for entries has passed. Please do not ignore this, as if we have not heard from you we will have to assume you do not want to play next season, and we do not expect there to be space for people who have not registered to just turn up on Monday 8th September.

National Curling Calendar

The new season is almost upon us!

The national squad for both Men’s and Mixed European competitions is well-established, but entries are still open until Tuesday 10th September only for Senior Men, Senior Ladies and Mixed Doubles entries.

Full details of the timings of these competitions, and the schedule of curling both at Deeside and elsewhere, please see the full Wales Curling Calendar 2013-14.

Planning for the new season…

After a brief break, Province business has resumed. Our meeting later today (Thurs 18th July) will start planning for the coming 2013-14 season, which of course, is an Olympic season.  More details after the meeting…

Also, apologies if you have had trouble accessing the website in the last few weeks. While it may not look much different, the electronic nuts and bolts behind the website has been completely upgraded. Finally, if you signed up to be a member of the website, we have had to delete all unrecognised accounts (mainly where no real name was given) as a large number appeared to have been set up by automated systems. To combat the strain on our servers we have temporarily suspended new accounts except by invitation. If you would like to have a user account created or restored, please contact us.

Mobile website error

Due to an unknown error, visitors to this website from most (or possibly all) mobile devices have recently been met by a blank screen.

I am working on a more permanent solution, but for the time being the mobile site has been taken offline. All visitors will for now see the desktop site instead.

Apologies for any inconvenience – I will attempt to restore the mobile site as soon as possible.

Wales Curling Performance Programme

Historically, teams representing Wales on the international stage have formed themselves and competed at Playdowns (if there are sufficient teams to warrant it) to decide on who has the right to go. With continually-rising standards in other nations, the Welsh Curling Association have made the decision to move to a selection policy instead.

The new selection policy has not changed the eligibility criteria.

Full details can be found in the Selection Policy Document. Continue reading

Mobile website

Part of the reason for moving to this new website was to make it easier for content to be added (editor/author-friendly). Another important part was to make the site more user-friendly.

Many people now use mobile phones and devices to access the internet, and demand for mobile-friendly sites is growing.  While this new version is better than the old one, there are still issues with how the site displays on a mobile screen.

To get round this, work has begun on a mobile-friendly version of the site. It is still being tested, so if it suddenly disappears or is not working, please switch back to the main site.

If you are using a mobile device and have issues with the experience, or can see room for improvement, please leave a comment below.

2012-13 schedule online

The draft schedule of matches for the 2012-13 season is now online.

As per last season, there is an instant-view version (via Google Docs), and a PDF for you to download and keep.  Highlights include the Points Competition on Monday 10th September, the FPOW Premier League starting on Monday 17th September, the League Cup beginning on 5th November and the return of the Spring League, which actually starts on 17th December.

We will be taking rest weeks on 8th and 29th October (due to ice availability) and 10th December (European Championships). Our last week before Christmas will be Monday 17th December.


Please remember that before you can play in any FPOW competition, you need to be a registered member for this season. Adult membership fees are £49, with juniors (under-21) just £19.  Each individual match you play will have a cost as well – but if you prefer it is possible to pay for a half- or full-season’s worth of ice fees in advance, which helps the Province finances.

What’s Changed?

Welcome to the new and improved Welsh Curling website.

If you’re used to the old site (pictured, right) you’ll have noticed a lot has changed.

Re-vamped colours

Visually, it’s out with the green, in with the white – with the formerly solid background colour now relegated to the sides of the page. The top banner has gained a photo of curling in action at Deeside, but sadly lost the FPOW shield.  If we can sensibly put it back, we will.

Site Layout

At the Top

The menu has been re-designed, and hopefully is slightly more intuitive to use. On it you can find broad categories (eg: Competitions, About, Events) plus some items that have no sub-pages, but are so important (eg: TryCurling) that to lose them from the top menu would be criminal.

Continue reading