Welsh Championships cancelled

Due to the poor weather conditions and uncertainty about whether the road to Dumfries will continue to be passable, organisers of the Welsh Championships have made the decision to cancel the competition.

The annual Kershaw Cup between The First Province of Wales and Preston Curling Club was also cancelled yesterday, because the venue – Lockerbie Ice Rink – had been forced to close due to the snow and ice.

This does not affect the plans for TryCurling at Deeside which are currently expected to go ahead as planned on Monday.

First Province of Wales beaten by Preston, who retain Kershaw Cup

Wales have failed to take back the Kershaw Cup from Preston Curling Club today, which makes 2015 the first time in recent years that the trophy has been retained.

The format is for three teams from each club to play two matches, rather than a full round robin. The total number of shots scored by all three Wales teams is then compared to the total number of shots scored by Preston.

Summary of play

Initially the first session looked fairly even, but despite some close matchplay there was a a 10-shot lead in favour of Preston by the end of the first matches. The half-way score stood at 26-16, with the biggest single score being for Tommy Campbell (14-4).  The second session was a closer affair, with one match drawn and another win for Wales, but the overall gap just widened to leave Preston 46-34 ahead.

The team which makes the highest number of total shots is named “Top Rink”, and the teams skipped by P Atherton (Preston) and A Robbins (Wales) shared the honours there, as both teams won both their matches and scored a total of 19 shots.

The Kershaw Cup, an annual contest between the First Province of Wales and the Preston Curling Club, takes place at the South of Scotland Ice Rink in Lockerbie, as neither Preston nor the Queensferry area has curling ice available for such a contest.