Try Curling

Edwardian men play curling on a frozen lake surrounded by snow

Christmas Day Curling Party, Swansea (Toronto, Canada) in 1904

If you are new to the sport, it can seem a bit daunting. So how do you get started?

Anyone can try curling. If you decide it is not for you and never come again we hope you can still enjoy yourself. But even the most experienced players had to start somewhere…

Group of curlers, using a delivery stick

Sliding delivery is NOT essential

Try Curling sessions, around one hour long, are held after the Winter Olympics, at the start of the new season in September, and at other points each year.

Want to give it a go? We will be very pleased to see you! If possible, please let us know if you are planning to come so we have enough coaches available… and if you can’t make it to one of our planned TryCurling nights, there is often the chance to arrange a special session – see below…

Upcoming TryCurling sessions

  • Sorry, we have no TryCurling sessions planned in the next couple of months. If you still want to give it a go, get in touch and we could arrange a time for you!


How much does it cost?

Try Curling sessions are remarkably good value. An hour with a qualified coach on the ice…

  • Adults (21+) are £11
  • Junior (8*-20) are £5

* – there is no lower age limit on who can try curling. However, due to the physical nature of the sport, very young children may struggle to take part.

Will I need equipment?

No. The stones, brooms, training aids and anything else you need to try curling out for the first time are all provided.

However, please do bring a pair of clean trainers – stones, mud and anything else that might get stuck to the sole of a shoe must be kept off the ice. You may also want to wear warm clothing – but jeans are not appropriate as you will need trousers that can stretch a little!

Is there any commitment?

We would love you to come back for more coaching and join one of our teams, but we know there are many other things you might like to do on a Monday night.

Try Curling coaching is the starting block – if you do stay you will learn more about the sport, and hopefully enjoy it more. Eventually you may start playing matches and will need to become a member of the First Province of Wales Curling Club, but you are not signing up for a year just by turning up one September evening.

I couldn’t make the Try Curling event. What should I do?

Don’t panic. After each Winter Olympics, and on the first few nights of the season, we have sessions dedicated to novices – but that does not mean you have missed out for 12 months. Get in touch via our Contact Form or email and we may be able to arrange a session for you on our next week. However, we can only do sessions on Monday evenings due to ice availability.

I would love to Try Curling – where do I go?

We meet at Deeside Ice Rink on Mondays during the season (see Schedule for details).

For details of the venue, driving directions and similar, see: Deeside Leisure Centre.

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Deeside Leisure Centre, Chester Road West, Queensferry, Flintshire