Membership Fees

If you have Tried Curling and want to stay, or have played curling elsewhere and would like to join us, you will need to become a member.

Membership Rates

Membership of the Welsh Curling Association and First Province of Wales is required to take part in our competitions. This is partly to make sure all players have adequate insurance cover, but also to contribute to the costs of running both organisations.

Here are our annual membership rates, which are subject to possible revision at the Province’s Annual General Meeting.

Membership TypeCostNotes
Full-rate adult£50
Junior£25applies to under-21s
Social£20Restricted to 3 matches per season
Correct as of 2019 Annual General Meeting, held 13 May 2019.

Initial membership may be discounted for those who have been through a course of Try Curling sessions, or those joining a significant way into the season.

Fancy joining us? Download a Membership form and bring it to the ice rink with your cheque next time we’re there, or get in touch using the Welsh Curling contact form.

Ice Fees

After joining, there is a charge for each match played (“ice fee”) which contributes to our hire payment to Deeside Leisure Centre. Ice fees are kept as low as practically possible given hire charges and membership.

Junior (under-21)£7.50
Wheelchair Curlers£7.50
Practice ice£3Waived for ice fee pre-payment
Pre-payment (Adult)£120 (6pm)
£110 (8pm)
Covers all 8/9 scheduled league matches and Christmas games for a half-season (aprox. £11 per match). Free practice ice & playing as a sub.
Pre-payment (Junior/Wheelchair curler)£60Covers all 9 scheduled league matches for a half- season, plus Christmas curling, practice ice & playing as a sub.
Correct as of 2015 Annual General Meeting, held 11 May 2015.

Note: Ice fees are ultimately payable per team, not per player. Province competition Rule 10 states that if (due to absence) a team is made up of fewer than 4 players, the team as a whole (and ultimately their club) must ensure the full 4-player ice fee is covered.