Four Nations Day One
4 Nations 2013-01-19 10.08.16 In brief: Wales 18-13 England, Wales 13-14 Ireland, Wales 21-8 Scotland The first day of the Four Nations has been fairly successful. It was Mixed match day for Wales, with the first of two sets of matches against each nation needed to gain or retain the relevant trophy. In the first set of matches, against England, Andrew Tanner's team made a good start by leading 6-0 after three ends, but at the same stage Hugh had gone down 4-1.  Hugh's team fought back well to settle for a 6-6 draw, while after a little wobble mid-way Andy Tanner's team took a 12-7 win, giving a 5-shot lead in the contest for the Kay Trophy. The second session saw Wales up against Ireland, with a couple of very tight matches. Lesley Gregory's team kept pace with Ireland throughout, only giving up a 2 at the end to lose 8-6.  After taking the early lead, Adrian Meikle's team then gave away a 4, but managed to get that deficit back and take a single shot - giving a 7-6 win and Ireland a 1-shot overall lead. In the final session, Andy Tanner's team went ahead at the start of their match against Scotland, leading 8-0 after 4 ends, courtesy of an attempted takeout by Scotland which ended in a near-miss. Adrian Meikle's team had a tougher game, which at the halfway stage was level at 4-4. While Andy Tanner eventually took victory 12-1, admittedly helped by a bit of luck, Adrian and all his team had to work very hard to level up at 7-7 going into the final end, but a 2 there was conclusive (9-7) and Wales take a 13-point lead into day 2.