Round 5 – Wales v England
Today was the big home nation game against England. Two very good draw shot challenges saw Adrian Meikle just outscoring England to take the hammer for the first end. Wales took advantage and a great draw behind the guard from Dawn Watson ensured Wales started well with a two (2 - 0). England fought back but English skip, John Sharp, had to hit with his last shot to take a one (2 - 1). An open third end saw takeouts being exchanged and was blanked (2 – 1). Wales pushed hard having got the hammer and were lying 3 with 2 shots to go. A good hit and stay from John forced Adrian to takeout his shot for Wales to get another two (4 – 1). At the half time break Wales had a good 4 – 1 lead. The half time tea and biscuits invigorated England and they were lying 3 with two shots to play in the fifth end but a superb raise promotion double takeout and stay from Adrian’s last shot left Wales sitting. A difficult hit for John wasn’t successful and left Wales with a steal of 2 (6 -1). Wales started the sixth end with an amazing shot from Laura Beever to split into the house her own shot and roll behind the guard. Pressure built on England throughout the end but a great double and then a perfect draw from John gave England a one (6 – 2). With the hammer, Wales pressured England throughout the seventh end and took 4 in what turned out to be the final end. A great team performance from team Wales – Adrian Meikle, Dawn Watson, Andrew Tanner & Laura Beever to win 10 - 2. Wales are now on 3 wins and 2 losses. Switzerland next at 20:30 tonight!