Round 4 – Wales v Estonia
Tonight’s game saw Wales looking to increase their winning run against Estonia. Estonia won the hammer and a hitting first end was blanked. An open second end saw Estonia take a two. A drawing third end finished with Adrian Meikle drawing the 4 foot for a two to tie the game. A strong fourth end from Estonia saw the Estonian skip, Erkki Lill, hitting for a two. At the half time break Estonia were leading 4 – 2. Wales pushed in the fifth end but Adrian had to draw against 2 to take the end, 4 – 3. A tense sixth end finished with Adrian making a superb hit and roll behind the guards. Erkki had a run back to take the end but just drew too much leaving Wales sitting to take a 1, 4 – 4. Wales were keen to force the one in the seventh end, but an open end saw Estonia blanking and taking the hammer into the last end. Wales set the end up with two great guards from Wales lead Laura Beever. Andrew Tanner and Dawn Watson continued with well placed guards and left Adrian with one guard for his two shots. Adrian’s initial draw was left in the open and Erkki pinged the shot out. This left Adrian a ‘mulligan’ shot and, sure enough, it was buried behind the guard. Estonia attempted to hit it out but narrowly missed giving Wales a one and the match. Final score 5 – 4 to Wales. Next game England!