Christmas & New Year at Deeside
Happy Christmas to all our players and fans!
Edwardian men play curling on a frozen lake surrounded by snow
1904 Christmas Day Curling Party, Swansea, Toronto (Canada)
We now have no curling until Monday 5th January. The first week of play in 2015 will be a one-off set of Friendly matches, as we look to assess some of the teams. Based on these games and people's wishes, some changes may take place for teams for the new league, which begins the following week. Please see the individual event pages for 6pm matches and 8pm matches: teams will be the same as the pre-Christmas 6pm League and 8pm League. You can find the draft plan for matches for 12th January onwards on the FPOW Match Schedule page. One final note: [post-content id=1850 show_image=true]
  I hope you have a very enjoyable and peaceful Christmas, and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!