Four Nations 2016 preview
The Four Nations begins on Saturday at Greenacres curling club in Renfrewshire.  The Four Nations meeting is a chance for Wales to compete against Scotland, England and Ireland for a series of trophies.  There is usually a mixture of men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams. This time, it's Wales' turn to host the tournament, and while we would love to welcome the other home nations to Deeside, this is currently impractical. Therefore, we will once again return to Greenacres (which also hosts the annual Welsh Bonspiel). There are three matches on each day, with the first taking place at 9am. For Wales, the days are split neatly, with Saturday being a day for Mixed matches, while Sunday sees matches between men's teams and women's teams. For full details, please see the Four Nations 2016 mini-site.
Saturday 16th Sunday 17th
0900 1200 1500 0900 1130 1400
4th James Pougher Adrian Meikle James Pougher Adrian Meikle  James Pougher Adrian Meikle
3rd Laura Beever Dawn Watson Lisa Peters Richard Pougher  Adrian Meikle Richard Pougher
2nd Alistair Reid Simon Meyers David Peek Rhys Phillips  Andrew Tanner Rhys Phillips
1st Emily Sandwith Rachel McCann Lydia Tanner Simon Meyers  David Peek Simon Meyers
England Ireland Scotland England Ireland Scotland
4th Andrew Tanner Richard Pougher Andrew Tanner Dawn Watson Laura Beever Dawn Watson
3rd Lisa Peters Hilary Hogg Hilary Hogg Hilary Hogg Lisa Peters Hilary Hogg
2nd David Peek Rhys Phillips Alistair Reid Rachel McCann Emily Sandwith Rachel McCann
1st Lydia Tanner Delyth Glyn Jones Emily Sandwith Delyth Glyn Jones Lydia Tanner Delyth Glyn Jones
We will keep you up to date with how our teams get on throughout the weekend.