New Rink Project

Building A New Rink At Deeside

The Welsh Curling Association and First Province of Wales are planning to build a dedicated curling facility in North Wales. With the support of Flintshire council, we have secured the use of land to the rear of the existing Deeside Leisure Centre and expect to build a four-sheet curling rink in a building designed to last approximately 10 years.

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The Plan

The proposal is for a four-sheet rink, capable of holding matches for 32 players at a time, with a small viewing area at one end. Flintshire council have agreed that area of the disused tennis courts to the rear of the existing leisure centre may be used for this.

The building will be a steel sided, steel roofed structure, held to the ground by long steel spikes, so no foundations are necessary. As there is no mains electricity on the site, equipment will be powered by a modern and very quiet diesel generator. There will be a small area inside the building, separate from the ice hall, for changing shoes and viewing matches in comfort.

The Timing

The rink fundraising is ongoing but clearly our original aim of being ready in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has passed.  Although the impact of the Olympics is likely to be that fundraising and momentum would increase. The revised timing will be dependant on how quickly the required funds can be raised. We remain committed to getting the dedicated ice we need

The Location

There is already a strong case for curling in the Deeside area. Curling has been established on a Monday night for more than 40 years, and there is already a small but committed membership here. We also already have the equipment to prepare ice, curling stones, brooms, measuring equipment and scoreboards required to play the sport.

While there may be more people to potentially draw into the sport in Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding areas of South Wales than in North East Wales, there are no curlers in South Wales to establish the sport there. In addition, Deeside has the opportunity to attract people from the major population centres of Chester, the Wirrall, Liverpool and Manchester in England, as well as the towns and cities of North Wales itself.

The Finance

The original plan was based on the World Curling Federation’s Portable Curling Facility trial, which Welsh Curling entered a bid for. Unfortunately, we were not selected in the initial trial, and it is not expected to be repeated in time for 2018.

A revised financial plan was created in the Winter of 2015-16, and this will involve support from the World Curling Federation in the form of a loan, contributions from members and sponsors.

The rink will be run as a public sports facility and members’ club, not a business or charity, with the aim to increase participation in the sport for players of all abilities. There will be limited opportunities for curling as a corporate team-building activity – while this is potentially more lucrative, we do not wish to take our focus away from developing the sport in Wales.

It is anticipated that the rink will not break even for at least the first year, as participation needs to grow significantly for this to occur. We are therefore aiming to raise a total of £75,000 to support the running costs of the facility over the next 2-3 years. Beyond this, the rink is expected to cover its costs.

At the end of the initial 10-year period, we expect to have generated a surplus which can then be re-invested into the facility or a more permanent replacement.


£12.50 WCA Pin Badge

£17.50 WCA Pennant

£25.00 Sponsor a broom – Have your name/logo on a broom at the rink.

£35.00 WCA Collection – WCA pin badge, coaster and pennant.

£45.00 WCA Set of 6 Coasters – WCA coasters, made from Welsh Slate.

£50.00 Wall of sister and brother curlers – Donations over £50 will get your name on our wall of sister and brother curlers.

£75.00 Welsh Competition Top

£100.00 Individual entry into our opening bonspiel (Dates TBD).

£120.00 Sponsor a pair of stones – Have your name/logo on 2 stones.

£400.00 Team entry into our opening bonspiel (Dates TBD).

For the rewards below, please contact us separately to discuss the options.

£500.00 One week in Portugal (dates negotiable) – staying in a 2 bedroom appartment in Lagos (with sea views).

£1,000.00 Advertising on the walls on the rink, put a banner or signage on the wall of the rink for one season (6×4 banner) for one season.

£1,200.00 Have your logo set into the ice, either by the hog or between the hog and the rings for one season.

£1,250.00 Sponsor a lane, have your name or logo put onto the scoreboard for one season.

£1,500.00 Trophy Level – Sponsor a Bonspiel and have a trophy named in your honour. This trophy would be competed for on an annual basis.

£4,000.00 Your Logo in the centre of the rings on all 4 sheets of ice at one end of the ice for one season.

£100,000.00 Sponsor the rink and have it named after yourself/company for 10 years.