Other Competitions 

The Four Nations

The Four Nations tournament is a chance for the Four Nations of the British Isles – Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England – to see how they fare against each other. 

The Four Nations is a series of matches played between individual nations separately for specific trophies. Wales compete with Scotland for Big Bertha (the Welsh Stone), play Ireland for the Meikle Trophy, and England for the Kay Trophy.

The 2020 competition was hosted by the Welsh Curling Association. As we do not have access to the Deeside Ice Rink for the full weekend needed for the tournament, matches were played at the Flowerbowl in Preston, England. Wales successfully retained the Triple Crown, with the following final results:

Wales 28 - England 16

Wales 38 - Ireland 9

Wales 29 - Scotland 23

Scotland Men 44 - England Men 32

Scotland Women 15 - England Women 13

Scotland 27 - Ireland 23

England 38 - Ireland 19

The Kershaw Cup

The Kershaw Cup is an annual competition between the First Province of Wales and Preston Curling Club, whose origins are in the founding years of Welsh Curling. It is usually held in late February or early March.

In February 2020, the Kershaw Cup was won by the First Province of Wales with a final score of 88-44. The competition could not be played in 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Valentine Spiel

A new competition was added in 2011-12 season. The inaugural Valentine’s Bonspiel in February was won by the team skippered by James Pougher.

This event took place at Dumfries Ice Bowl on Sat. 18th & Sun 19th February 2012.  All players had a good time, and it seems likely the competition will feature in future seasons.

Anyone can try curling. If you decide it is not for you and never come again we hope you can still enjoy yourself. But even the most experienced players had to start somewhere.