6pm league: Autumn 2015 info

Here are the latest standings and information about the First Province of Wales 6pm League in the Autumn 2015 session. We are running this league again for the 2015/16 season, this season running as a double round robin coinciding with the end of the 8pm league.

The winner of the 6pm League will receive a trophy.

Latest Standings

You can find previous winners of this competition by searching the virtual Honours Board.

New 2015-16 Season: information

We are just a few a days away from the start of Curling at Deeside for the 2015-16 season! We start FPOW competitions on Monday 14th September, and TryCurling will also be available for anyone who wants to give the sport a go for the first time.

Playing structure

Initially, we will run 2 separate Monday leagues for play at 6pm and 8pm. In each session, there is an uneven number of teams, and so every week at least one team will not compete (a “bye”). Please login to the clubroom to check the team lists and ensure you know which team you are in. The schedule of play will be available soon – make sure you know when your team will be playing. Continue reading

Spring League tables & results

Here is a brief round-up of how things are looking in this year’s Spring Leagues. The competitions are now several weeks in, and for 9 teams there are only 2 weeks left before the final matches are played.

With those teams playing at 6pm having just 2 match days left, Connah’s Quay Rockers (CQR) are the team to beat. They have been top of the table for some time, but that is no guarantee as CQR have a bye on the last match day – meaning Monday 9th’s game against the Wheelchair Curlers – who are also near the top – could prove crucial.

The 8pm competition has longer to run, with more teams involved. The Alyn Valley club currently look favourites to take the title, with both their Atomic (AVAT) and Alternators (AVAL) right at the top of the table. With 6 match weeks left, no team is yet out of the running, although Mid Wales Brush with Death (MWB) and Connah’s Quay Celts (CQC) have some work to do if they are to contest for the title.

View full tables and results (when posted) by selecting the relevant link:

First Province of Wales beaten by Preston, who retain Kershaw Cup

Wales have failed to take back the Kershaw Cup from Preston Curling Club today, which makes 2015 the first time in recent years that the trophy has been retained.

The format is for three teams from each club to play two matches, rather than a full round robin. The total number of shots scored by all three Wales teams is then compared to the total number of shots scored by Preston.

Summary of play

Initially the first session looked fairly even, but despite some close matchplay there was a a 10-shot lead in favour of Preston by the end of the first matches. The half-way score stood at 26-16, with the biggest single score being for Tommy Campbell (14-4).  The second session was a closer affair, with one match drawn and another win for Wales, but the overall gap just widened to leave Preston 46-34 ahead.

The team which makes the highest number of total shots is named “Top Rink”, and the teams skipped by P Atherton (Preston) and A Robbins (Wales) shared the honours there, as both teams won both their matches and scored a total of 19 shots.

The Kershaw Cup, an annual contest between the First Province of Wales and the Preston Curling Club, takes place at the South of Scotland Ice Rink in Lockerbie, as neither Preston nor the Queensferry area has curling ice available for such a contest.

FPOW 8pm league: Autumn 2014 season final table

Here are the final standings from the 2014 8pm Autumn league.

Team Played Won Lost Peeled
Shot Diff
Ends Points
AVAT 12 10 1 1 54 46 21
AVAL 12 9 3 0 40 44 18
MWV 12 8 2 2 45 40 18
DDY 12 7 4 1 23 39 15
CQQ 12 7 4 1 21 35 15
SWK 12 5 3 4 20 39 14
MWK 12 5 5 2 -5 37 12
SSL 12 5 6 1 -19 31 11
DDH 12 5 7 0 18 37 10
AVV 12 5 7 0 -29 33 10
SSE 12 2 10 0 -42 28 4
MWB 12 2 10 0 -52 25 4
CQC 12 2 10 0 -74 17 4

FPOW 6pm league: 2014 season final table

Here are the final standings from the 2014 6pm Autumn league.

Team Played Won Lost Peeled
Shot Diff
Ends Points
WHL 10 7 2 1 35 35 15
CQR 10 7 3 0 50 43 14
DMM 10 6 2 2 29 32 14
MWS 10 6 3 1 26 36 13
MWD 10 5 5 0 -7 35 10
SAM 10 5 5 0 -38 28 10
SSW 10 5 5 0 -7 24 10
AVFE 10 4 6 0 12 33 8
DST 10 4 6 0 -13 28 8
AVFI 10 4 6 0 -27 27 8
CQT 10 0 10 0 -60 0 0
T1 0
T2 0

Christmas & New Year at Deeside

Happy Christmas to all our players and fans!

Edwardian men play curling on a frozen lake surrounded by snow

1904 Christmas Day Curling Party, Swansea, Toronto (Canada)

We now have no curling until Monday 5th January. The first week of play in 2015 will be a one-off set of Friendly matches, as we look to assess some of the teams. Based on these games and people’s wishes, some changes may take place for teams for the new league, which begins the following week.

Please see the individual event pages for 6pm matches and 8pm matches: teams will be the same as the pre-Christmas 6pm League and 8pm League.

You can find the draft plan for matches for 12th January onwards on the FPOW Match Schedule page.

One final note:

If you wish to play in the Welsh National Championships 2015, or be considered for a place on the National Performance Programme (and potential selection for a Wales squad or team), make sure you fill in the relevant form and return it to Adrian Meikle by 31st December 2014.


I hope you have a very enjoyable and peaceful Christmas, and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!