First ever 8-Ender on Welsh Ice

First 8-ender in Wales-AM2

Victorious team & stones that made history (l-r): Emily Sandwith, Laura Beever (Skip), Rhys Phillips (Vice-skip), William Hogg.

There was delight for a team of Curlers at Deeside Ice Rink this week as they managed to break a record for the sport in Wales. Laura Beever and her Alyn Valley Atomic team were already well in control of their match when they achieved one of the rarest feats in the sport, an “Eight-Ender”.

An “Eight-Ender” is when a team manages to get a perfect score in a single end, with all eight of their stones closer to the centre of the house than any of their opponents. They are said to be rarer than a hole-in-one in golf.

Curling, more often associated with Scotland, has been played in Wales since 1974. The sport is a cross between the tactics of chess and the scoring of crown-green-bowls – but all on an ice-rink and never using skates.

The winter sport of curling has now been played at Flintshire’s Deeside Ice Rink for 40 years, but according to club officials this is the first time any team has managed to score eight in a single end. Continue reading