National Curling Calendar

The new season is almost upon us!

The national squad for both Men’s and Mixed European competitions is well-established, but entries are still open until Tuesday 10th September only for Senior Men, Senior Ladies and Mixed Doubles entries.

Full details of the timings of these competitions, and the schedule of curling both at Deeside and elsewhere, please see the full Wales Curling Calendar 2013-14.

Four Nations 2013: Teams

Here are the teams for the Four Nations weekend in Ayr.

Sat: 0900 1200 1500 Sun: 0900 1130 1400
4th Hugh Meikle Adrian Meikle Adrian Meikle Andrew Tanner Adrian Meikle James Pougher
3rd Laura Beever Dawn Watson Dawn Watson James Pougher Hugh Meikle Hugh Meikle
2nd Richard Pougher David Peek Stewart Cairns David Peek Andrew Robbins David Peek
1st Sara Andrew Richard Pougher Sara Andrew Andrew Robbins Richard Pougher Richard Pougher
England Ireland Scotland England Ireland Scotland
4th Andrew Tanner Lesley Gregory James Pougher Lesley Gregory Laura Beever Lesley Gregory
3rd Lesley Gregory James Pougher Lesley Gregory Dawn Watson Dawn Watson Laura Beever
2nd Andrew Robbins Laura Beever Andrew Tanner Adrian Meikle Jane Robbins Andrew Tanner
1st Jane Robbins Stewart Cairns Jane Robbins Jane Robbins Sara Andrew Sara Andrew


Spring League Teams (2012-13)

The draw is done, and here are the teams for this season’s Spring League – which starts on Monday 26th November. If you normally play at Deeside, please check who you will be playing with in the next match.

The player in bold is nominally ‘skip’, and is responsible for organising the team and overall tactics – but every player should play each position (lead/second/third/skip) in the 4 matches.

Team A

Alistair Lyon, Luke Meyers, Adie Andrew, Margaret Meikle Continue reading