Wales lose to unbeaten Turkey

A frustrating early morning encounter with Turkey ended in defeat for Wales – although the match was closer than the 6-3 score line suggests.

A good pair of draw shots from Wales gave them the hammer at the beginning of the match. All three opening ends were blanked, however, after good defensive work by Turkey left Wales with no opportunity to score more than one – and no desire to surrender the hammer.

In the fourth end the game changed. Turkey set up the end well, putting their stones in and leaving Wales with little choice but to take one and surrender the last stone advantage for the following end. With the hammer secured, the Turks pressed on and took a score of three in the fifth and led 3-1 going into the interval.

When play resumed, it was the Turkish who remained in the ascendancy; a series of good shots setting the play up until they were able to steal one in the sixth end and another two against the hammer in the eighth, either side of a blank end.

Wales did well to cut the deficit down by scoring two in the ninth but faced a tall order to try and steal at least three in the tenth end. Turkey did a good job of closing out the avenues for Wales when they presented themselves and, with insufficient stones left to draw level, hands were shaken before the conclusion of the tenth end.


Up next: Wales play Slovakia and Israel tomorrow in the final round robin games.

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Turkey still unbeaten after Wales loss

It was a disappointing morning for Wales as they struggled to keep their play at a high enough level to overcome unbeaten Turkey.

The match started well, as Wales managed to secure the last stone advantage and then set the first end up well. The result was a score of score of two, although if a hit-and-roll attempt had worked better then Wales should perhaps have taken three from that first end.

Another good end followed, with Wales managing to force Turkey to take a score of just one.

Wales could only take a score of one with the hammer in end three, and then came Wales’ downfall: the fourth end.

The start of the fourth end was fairly standard, with Wales looking to steal by placing centre line guards up. However, Turkey drew behind them, and when Wales attempted to hit and roll the shooter was left exposed, meaning Turkey could attempt the same shot, which they did successfully.

Wales then tried to remove the guards, and while the existing stones were cleared the shooter was left in place, meaning Turkey could safely keep drawing stones into the house. Wales tried to draw into the house twice but struggled with the correct weight, so when Andrew Tanner came to deliver his last stone there were five stones counting for Turkey. The attempted double-takeout didn’t quite work out, so despite missing their final draw Turkey were able to take a score of four.

Despite attempting to turn things around in the second half of the match, Turkey continued to keep control, and with Wales’ aggressive tactics not working out in the seventh end they shook with the score at 11-4 to Turkey.

Wales play two matches on Wednesday, the first one in the morning (06:00 BST, 08:00 local time) against Slovenia, and the second an afternoon game (14:00 BST, 16:00 local) against the Netherlands. It is now unlikely that Wales can qualify for the knock-out stages of the competition, but depending on other results, a win in all three of their remaining matches would still leave a chance.

Wales v. Turkey

Turkey men’s team 2015. Pictured: Fourth – Alican KARATAS (Skip) Third – Melik SENOL Second – Ugurcan KARAGOZ Lead – Muhammet Oguz ZENGIN Alternate – Kadir CAKIR Photo: © World Curling Federation

Wales’s men were up against Turkey in their second match at the European Curling Championships 2015.

Like Wales, Turkey have only made small changes to their line-up compared with 12 months ago. They were drawn in opposite groups at Monthey, so most of the current team members have never met each other.

By the fifth end, the teams were level at 3-3, but Turkey took a 3 with the “hammer” in that fifth end to lead 6-3 at the mid-session break. Sadly, it was a deficit the Wales team could never make up, and the teams shook before finishing the 8th end when Turkey were 9-3 ahead.

Sunday is now a crucial day for Wales, as they need to get at least one win from the day to have a realistic chance of making it past the group stages of the competition. They face Poland at 12:00 Central European Time (11:00 GMT) and then Denmark at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT). Live scores are available via the official competition website. We will also post regular updates on both the Welsh Curling and Team Pougher Facebook and twitter feeds.