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A typical features of a lot of clubs are the honours boards. Here we are building up our history electronically at first, but who knows…….

There are gaps in the club records. Any curlers who have fond memories of winning one of our various competitions, could you please contact Simon Meyers (games.sec@welshcurling.org.uk) so we can then try to expand the data on the FPOW history.

FPOW 6pm League

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2017-18Mid Wales Warriors864933
2016-17Alyn Valley Fire1087734
2015-16Connah's Quay Rockers1076837


FPOW 8pm League

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2017-18Mid Wales Kites753727
2016-17Connah's Quay Quest 865933
2015-16Mid Wales Vikings855832
2014-15Alyn Valley Atomic12109346


FPOW 6pm Spring League

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2016-17Team A Tanner1076540


FPOW 8pm Spring League

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2016-17Team J Pougher877438


FPOW Premier League (Div 1)

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2013-14Deeside Curling Club119n/a45
2012-13Mid Wales Vikings1198647
2011-12Deeside Curling Club967340
2010-11Mid Wales Marauders 966536
2009-10Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a
2008-9Sealand Slidersn/an/an/an/a
2005-6Connah's Quay Sealsn/an/an/an/a


FPOW Premier League (Div 2)

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal ShotsTotal Ends
2013-14Not Contested
2012-13Not Contested
2011-12Mid Wales Kites1089846
2010-11Connah's Quay Celts1088446
2009-10Mid Wales Kitesn/an/an/an/a
2008-9Connah's Quay Sealsn/an/an/an/a


FPOW League Cup

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonShots +/-Total Ends
2013-14Deeside Curling Club44n/an/a
2012-13Mid Wales Vikings
* - before finals night
2011-12Deeside Mix & Match552928
2010-11Mid Wales Marauders 441918
2009-10Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a
2008-9Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a
2007-8Alyn Valley (team unknown)n/an/an/an/a
2006-7Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a
2005-6Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a
2004-5Mid Wales Maraudersn/an/an/an/a


FPOW Spring League

SeasonWinning TeamMatchesWonTotal EndsShots +/-
2013-14Not contested----
2012-13F (A. Tanner)331626
2011-12Alyn Valley 1973421511
2010-11Competition not held----
2008-09Swans (Lesley Carol)
Competition known as House League
2004-05Team 8 (Lesley Carol)


Points Competition

2013-14Andrew Tanner??
2012-13George Hood22
2011-12James Pougher19
2010-11Carolyn Colen/a
2009-10Michael Yuillen/a
2008-9James Poughern/a
2007-8John Sharpen/a
2006-7Andrew Tannern/a
2005-6Andrew Tannern/a
2004-5John Sharpe/Andrew Tannern/a
2003-4John Sharpen/a
2002-3 & earlierNot Contested-
The Points Competition requires curlers to execute specific shots accurately, with a point score for each shot generally given from 0 (miss) to 2 (perfect). This has frequently taken place during the first night of the season, and is thus a real challenge for returning players.


Pairs Competition

SeasonWinning PairNotes
2013-14Not Contested
2012-13Not Contested
2011-12Not Contested
2010-11Not Contested
2008-9Andrew Tanner, James Pougher
2006-7John Sharpe, Lesley Carol
2005-6Phil Jones, Lisa Peters
A Pairs Game is made up of 2 teams as normal, but each team consists of just 2 players.

Ladies' Skip Award

2013-14Laura Beever
2011-12Laura Beever
2010-11Lesley Carol

WCA Junior Achievement Award

2011-12Catrina Tanner & Lydia Tanner
2010-11Charlotte Meikle
2009-10Rhys Phillips
2008-09Luke Meyers
2007-08Oliver Gillespie
2005-06James Pougher
2003-04Ewen Sharpe
2002-03James Pougher
2001-02Jonathan Davies
2000-01Kirsten Macbeth

Hugh Meikle Trophy

Awarded to most improved curler/outstanding contribution to Welsh Curling.
2013-14Dawn Watson
2012-13Fran McNeil
2011-12Simon Pougher
2010-11David Peek
2008-9Shaun Palmer

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  1. I possess the winning pairs trophy from 2005-06, which I won with Phil Jones. It’s the only trophy I’ve ever won! (except for a bottle of pink vodka). Please correct the Honours board and give me my 5 minutes of fame.

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