First Province Of Wales

The First Province of Wales (FPOW) is the body charged with organising club competitions at Deeside Ice Rink.  As with the Welsh Curling Association (WCA), officers are elected to the committee at the body’s Annual General Meeting, held at the end of the season. 

The FPOW committee is made up of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Games Secretary, Membership Officer and Webmaster.  There are also Club Representatives from each of the clubs who play at Deeside.  The President is responsible for overall strategy, while the Games Secretary is left to plan the detail of competitions. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the Province accounts; the Secretary keeps minutes of meetings and other official documents.

All FPOW games are currently played on a Monday night at the Deeside ice rink, split across a 6pm and an 8pm league. 

Anyone can try curling. If you decide it is not for you and never come again we hope you can still enjoy yourself. But even the most experienced players had to start somewhere.