FPOW Membership

Joining FPOW or Renewing Membership

The First Province and WCA committees have decided to continue the First Province of Wales and to offer curling to the members in other ways. To be clear, there will be no curling at Deeside Leisure Centre but we are exploring options elsewhere.

With this in mind, the FPoW propose to set the 2022/23 season membership fees at a level that covers the WCA levy and which makes a small contribution to the FPoW fixed costs, like insurance.

Full Membership £20
Social Membership £5

Only elite curlers and players who have represented or plan to represent Wales at a national and international level need to apply for full membership for this season.

To stay in touch with Welsh curling and receive communications and notices please apply for social membership. Note that full membership is not required to enter local curling competitions or to play at Preston. Take note that only fully paid up members are entitled to vote at the up coming AGM.

If you do not wish to re-join Welsh Curling please email membership@welshcurling.org.uk stating this and your details will be removed from the database. 

To renew your membership,  please email membership@welshcurling.org.uk and you will be informed as to how to make the payment.