Wales Teams

Meet The National Teams

Wales enters teams to several international events including European Men’s, World Mixed, World Mixed Doubles and World Seniors competitions, which are run on an annual basis by the World Curling Federation.


Wales Men 2021: (L-R) James Pouger (skip), Rhys Phillips, Garry Coombs, Simon Pougher, Martin Lloyd

Who are we?
Wales Men

The team for 2021-22 will travel to the European Championships in Lillehammer, Norway. If successful, they may have the chance to qualify for the World Men’s Curling Championships.

The team is skipped by James Pougher and coached by Jamie Fletcher. 

Who are we?
wales Women

The team for 2021-22 will travel to the European Championships C-Division in Vilnius, Lithuania. If successful, the team would move up to the B-Division.

The team is skipped by Laura Beever and coached by Richard Pougher.


Wales Women 2021: (L-R) Laura Beever (skip), Judith Glazier, Emily Simpson, Anna Carruthers

Photograph of the Welsh team, wearing white, and the English team, wearing red. There are four women and four men.

Wales and England at 2018 World Mixed. (L-R) (Front row): Adrian Meikle (skip), Sydney Boyd (ENG) Dawn Watson, Lorna Rettig (ENG), Laura Beever (Back row): Gregg Dunn (ENG-skip), Andrew Tanner, Jonathan Braden (ENG)

Who are we?
Wales Mixed

The team for 2018-19 travelled to the World Mixed Championships  in Kelowna, Canada.

The team is skipped by Adrian Meikle. 

Who are we?
Wales Mixed Doubles

The team for 2021-21 will be competing at the World Mixed Doubles Qualifier in Forfar, Scotland.

The team is coached by Richard Pougher.


Wales Mixed Doubles 2021-22: Garry Coombs and Laura Beever

Five men and one woman stand in front of a blue background, all wearing black trousers with red and green jackets

Wales Senior Men 2019-20: (L-R) George Fyffe, Gary Waddell, Andrew Tanner, Dawn Watson (coach), Richard Pougher, Adrian Meikle (skip)

Who are we?
Wales Senior Men

The team for 2019-20 travelled to the World Senior Curling Championships in Stavanger, Norway.

The team is skipped by Adrian Meikle and coached by Dawn Watson.