Points Competition Results (2012)
The first night of the season always plays two roles - to introduce new people the the sport, and to help get existing players back into form after the long summer break.  There were a number of people who came to the Try Curling sessions. If you wish to have the same experience, why not come along next Monday? The Points Competition was not high-scoring.  Scores were awarded as 2 (a “perfect” shot) or 1 (for a right result) in the disciplines of striking, inwicking, drawing, guarding, chap & lie, wick & curl in, raising, chipping the winner, drawing through a port and outwicking.  With 2 attempts at each shot, the maximum possible score was 40.  Out of a maximum possible score of 40, the top score was 22 - but that was an increase on last year.  
Player Points
George Hood 22
Andy Tanner 18
Garry Coombs 14
Laura Beever 13
James Pougher 12
Alistair Lyon 11
Louis Sharkie 7
Alan Glancy 7
David Peek 4