Round 7 – Wales v Sweden
The final group game was against Sweden. A win for Wales would ensure a playoff game for 3rd place. A good draw shot challenge gave Wales the hammer in the first end. A drawing game left a busy head with Wales sitting two with each skip yet to play their last stones. Sweden nominated to guard with their last stone to ensure Wales couldn’t add to their tally (2 – 0). Sweden built a strong position in the second end, but a jammed Welsh stone on the last shot meant Sweden only took a one (2 – 1). Sweden built another strong head in the third end and sole a two to go into the lead (2 – 3). The fourth end was a similar story and Adrian was facing 5 when playing his last shot but managed to reduced the Swedish tally to two (2 – 5). Wales came out strongly in the second half and were unlucky not get more than just 1 in the fifth end (3 – 5). Wales kept pushing hard and forced Sweden to take a one in the sixth end (3 – 6). Again the seventh end was built up really well by Wales but tricky takeout in the wings jammed and again gave a Wales a frustrating 1 (4 – 6). A valiant effort to steal a 2 in the final end wasn’t successful and gave Sweden the win. Unfortunately that was Wales out of the tournament – just 1 win short. It was a great team performance throughout the week with many of the games being very close. The tournament continues on Friday with the quarter finals followed by the semi final and final on Saturday. Live scores can be followed on