Spring League: for Beginners and established players
A curling 'hack', which looks rather like a sprint race's starting blockNext Monday (31st March) we begin the Spring League. In this competition we will have a mix of new players and established curlers.  Beginners should be placed in a team along with an experienced player either as a fellow player or a mentor. If you have never attempted Curling before, please do not sign up here. Instead, check out our TryCurling information and request a session.

Match Times

Games will start at 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm, and last up to 1h30 (6 ends).  If possible, please arrive 5 minutes beforehand, to get equipment, complete the coin toss and be ready as soon as the ice is empty.


  • £8 per adult (per match)
  • £4 for under-21s

Why should I play in the Spring League?

Beginners: You are no doubt looking forward to playing your first competitive match. Existing club members: We know most of you will not have played for a few weeks. Now is your chance! If you would like to play on either or both 31st March or 7th April, please get in touch with Dawn now. Entries will close tomorrow morning, Tuesday 25th March. [contact-form-7 id="1250" title="Spring League entry form"] If the 2-week version of the Spring League is a success, we may continue curling at Deeside until June. Please wait for more information on this front...