Summer League: enter and play until late June
A curling 'hack', which looks rather like a sprint race's starting blockWe have secured ice to run a Summer League this season. In this competition we will have a mix of new players and established curlers.  Beginners should be placed in a team along with an experienced player either as a fellow player or a mentor. If you have never attempted Curling before, please do not sign up here. Instead, check out our TryCurling information and request a session.

Match Times

Games will start at 6pm and 8pm, and last up to 2h (8 ends).  If possible, please arrive 10 minutes beforehand, to get equipment, complete the coin toss and be ready as soon as the ice is empty.  Most sessions will take place on a Monday - but there are exceptions. Next Summer League sessions: [eo_events event_start_after="today" event_start_before="+3 weeks" event_category="summer-league-local-competition" no_events="Sorry, either the Summer League has not yet started, has finished, or is on an extended break; It is possible this message may instead appear if part of the website is broken."]%start{jS M Y}% at %event_venue%.[/eo_events]


  • £11 per adult (per match)
  • £6 for under-21s


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