Four Nations 2015 preview
The Four Nations begins today at Fenton's curling rink in Kent.  The Four Nations meeting is a chance for Wales to compete against Scotland, England and Ireland for a series of trophies.  There is usually a mixture of men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams. Here are the team lists for Wales and the opposition we will face.
Friday 16th Saturday 17th Sunday 18th
1800 2015 0900 1330 0900 1115 1330
4th Richard Pougher Adrian Meikle Andrew Tanner Adrian Meikle Adrian Meikle Adrian Meikle
3rd Laura Beever Dawn Watson Chris Wells Hugh Meikle Dawn Watson Andrew Tanner
2nd David Peek Hugh Meikle David Peek Andrew Robbins Andrew Tanner David Peek
1st Ann Meikle Jane Robbins Andrew Robbins Richard Pougher Hilary Hogg Richard Pougher
England Scotland Ireland England Scotland Ireland Scotland
4th Andrew Tanner Chris Wells Dawn Watson Laura Beever Laura Beever Chris Wells
3rd Emily Sandwith Laura Beever Laura Beever Dawn Watson Emily Sandwith Emily Sandwith
2nd Andrew Robbins Richard Pougher Hilary Hogg Jane Robbins Hilary Hogg Hugh Meikle
1st Dawn Watson Hilary Hogg Ann Meikle Emily Sandwith Jane Robbins Ann Meikle
We will keep you up to date with how our teams get on throughout the weekend.