Wales in battle to avoid relegation
Wales are currently playing their first relegation match (of a possible 2) to remain in the B-Division. A win today would secure their place for 2016.
Five men in semi-profile wearing red and green outfits
Team Pougher.
Pictured (l-r): Simon Pougher (alternate), Garry Coombs (lead), Rhys Phillips (second), Jamie Fletcher (third/vice-skip), James Pougher (skip)
Wales' men are now in the relegation play-offs at the European Curling Championships 2015, after failing to secure their B-Division spot in the Round Robin. The team could have secured their place on Wednesday afternoon with a win over Lithuania, but lost that match to end up 7th (out of 8) in the table. James Pougher and his team are up against Croatia this morning, and a win here would be enough to keep Wales in the B-Division and secure a spot at the 2016 Championships in Braehead. If Wales lose, they will still have one last chance to stay up - they would face either Belgium or Estonia at the same time tomorrow. Should Wales retain their B-Division place, they now know which of this year's A-Division teams will be joining them - the men from the Netherlands and Czech Republic have only 5 Round Robin wins between them.