Curling from September
Want to play at Deeside this season (starts 8th Sep)? Have you sent us your 'playing intentions' form? Please check *now*, as entries close on Sunday (9th August). Once we are into next week we will finalise the league structure and let you know what is happening ASAP.
We are just 1 month away from the start of the new season! Please remember, if you want to play in either our 6pm or 8pm league, we need your form back this Sunday (9th August) at the latest. If you can't find an email with your form attached, please contact Dawn & Adrian straightaway. The actual structure of the league will be finalised over the next fortnight or so, once the deadline for entries has passed. Please do not ignore this, as if we have not heard from you we will have to assume you do not want to play next season, and we do not expect there to be space for people who have not registered to just turn up on Monday 8th September.