Membership and Ice Fees 2014/15
At the annual general meeting in May it was resolved that membership and ice fees would provisionally stay at the same levels as 2013-2014 but that the committee would make an updated proposal to the members early in the 2014 season when the number of players and the league format was better understood. This note outlines the proposed membership fees for 2014-15 and the ice fees which will apply for the first part of the season. The proposed system of ice fees is a change for the club, it will be reviewed towards the end of the first session and any adjustments deemed necessary will be put to the members. Membership Fees Our objective is that the membership fees should cover the fixed costs of running the club. The single largest cost is insurance, we insure the members agaist injury and insure the equipment we own or use including 96 stones which might cost £25,000 to replace. We need to maintain and replace this equipment, including one set of stones which are nearing the end of their life . We pay a membership fee to the Welsh Curling Association and through the WCA we receive financial support from the World Curling Federation which helps fund development activity. A balanced budget for 2014 can be achieved by maintaining memebrship fees at the 2013-14 level of :- Adult Member                       £50 Junior Member (under 21)   £20 Social Member                      £20 Ice Fees Our objective is that ice fees should cover the cost (£632 per session in 2014) of hiring the ice rink. In recent years the club has operated on a pay per game basis, this means that the level of income is uncertain and we have had to charge a higher fee per game to allow for teams who cannot field four players. Other curling clubs (and other sports) levy a fixed fee per year regardless of the number of games played, this simplifies the club’s finances but disadvantages members who cannot play every week. For 2014 pay per game will still be available but we encourage as many members as possible to pay for the first series of 12 games as a package and will offer a discounted season ticket. We also want as many games as possible to be played with a full rink of players by drawing on the players from the other session, teams with a bye and the reserve list. To encourage this members who are signed up to a team for the initial 12 week season (either pay per game or pay in advance) will not pay when substituting for another team, members from the reserve list substituting will pay on a per game basis. Pay per game fees will be as 2013-14. The proposed ice fees for the first half of the 2014-15 season are Adult pay per game                                      £11 Junior/Wheelie                                              £6 Adult 12 games season ticket                     £110 Junior/wheelie 12 games season               £70 For teams with more than four members season tickets can be exchanged between members but the individual members need to make their own arrangements for internal team finances. Practice on spare ice will be free but cannot be booked. How to Pay Membeship fees are payable at the start of the year and are collected by cash or cheque at the first Monday curling session, season tickets can be purchased at the same time. Pay per game fees will continue to be collected with the score cards at the end of each game.