Wales secure place but sights set higher
Adrian Meikle directs play from the head
Adrian Meikle directs play from the head
Wales have all but secured their place in the B-Division of European Curling, after winning their third match today (Monday). However, they were unable keep their perfect record as they lost their second match of the day. Adrian Meikle's team took a 12-3 victory over Spain in just 7 ends. It was a relatively easy match, and Spain looked out of their depth against the Welsh, especially when they gave away a 4 in the first end. Wales skip, Adrian Meikle, following their 12-3 win against Spain, said, "It was a good settler for us to get a 4-point lead in the first end, we made some good shots to get it too. "I think we perhaps didn't put in our best performance in that game, but thankfully that wasn't the game where we needed to put in our best performance. We can still perform better than that, so we're looking forward to some tough games, probably against Belgium tonight it'll be a lot closer. When asked if Wales could keep their 100% winning record intact, he added, "We've not let Belgium beat us in the last couple of years, we're optimistic, we're better players than we were 2 years ago, so I think Belgium are worried. I was quite suprised to see Belgium beat Hungary - Hungary are consistently a very good team over the last few years, I'm surprised they aren't playing well but maybe Belgium just had a good game, so we have got to watch out for that. "I think with many of the teams we've got to make sure that we don't leave them a get-out or escape route when we are in control of the game, so they can come in and hide behind something or freeze to something. We've just got to be wary of that: that we keep control and don't give them anywhere to hide". Sadly, the form they needed just wasn't quite there this evening, and Belgium also got lucky with a couple of crucial shots, meaning Wales were defeated for the first time at these 2014 Championships. Belgium add their 9-6 victory to the win over Hungary. For Wales, it is far from a disaster - they can still finish top in their group by winning their remaining 3 games. Losing a second match would make it difficult, but probably not impossible to qualify for the knock-out stage of the competition.


Rank Team Played Won Lost
1 FIN - Finland 5 4 1
2 WAL - Wales 4 3 1
3 AUT - Austria 5 3 2
3 BEL - Belgium 5 3 2
3 HUN - Hungary 5 3 2
6 POL - Poland 4 2 2
7 ESP - Spain 5 1 4
8 ROU - Romania 5 0 5

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