Ice Conditions at Deeside
We hope that the ice rink management have now taken the necessary steps to make curling at Deeside viable next week. Conditions have been poor for the last fortnight due to a plant breakdown. If anyone can come early to help check the stones next week (Monday 16th) that would be appreciated!
The last couple of weeks of curling at Deeside have been difficult due to slow ice, sheets which are not level and humidity in the ice hall. The humidity caused condensation to form on the curling stones, coating them in a layer of ice which left takeout shots ineffective. Condensation also gathered on the roof trusses and dripped onto the ice in several places (leaving several large bumps in the surface). [fbvideo link="" width="400" height="320" onlyvideo="1"] The ice rink management have told us that they had a problem with their dehumidification unit, which because it needed new parts to be ordered and fitted, took more than a week to process. The repair happened yesterday (Tuesday 10th), and we are hopeful that the dehumidifiers will work from now until Monday 16th and clear the air. If anyone is available to come to the rink early (4:45pm onwards) on Monday 16th November, Adrian is asking for volunteers to check the stones for any remaining ice and clear them.