Follow Wales at the 2015 European Championships
Wales return to the international Curling stage this week as their men's team compete at the European Curling Championships.
Five men in semi-profile wearing red and green outfits
Team Pougher. Pictured (l-r): Simon Pougher (alternate), Garry Coombs (lead), Rhys Phillips (second), Jamie Fletcher (third/vice-skip), James Pougher (skip). Positions may be changed on a per-match basis.
The Europeans are contested in three separate divisions, with the C-Division taking place a few months before the A & B. Last year, Wales secured their place in the B-Division, although they would have liked to be closer to reaching the knockout stage and possibly promotion to the A-Division. You can follow their progress by tracking the live scores on the official event website. The team will also be posting regular updates on their own Team Pougher facebook page and twitter feed. Wales have started well, winning their first match against Slovenia this morning by 7 shots to 3, although it took until the 9th end for Wales to get a crucial score of 2 shots. They need 4 more victories if they are to better their performance in Monthey last year and a chance at promotion. Here is a list of all Wales' upcoming matches at the Europeans: [eo_events event_start_after="today" event_start_before="2015-12-01" event_category="international-competition" no_events="Sorry, it looks like Wales have no more matches."]%event_title%, %start{jS M Y}% from %start{ g:i:a}%, at %event_venue%.[/eo_events]

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