Spring League Teams (2012-13)
The draw is done, and here are the teams for this season's Spring League - which starts on Monday 26th November. If you normally play at Deeside, please check who you will be playing with in the next match. The player in bold is nominally 'skip', and is responsible for organising the team and overall tactics - but every player should play each position (lead/second/third/skip) in the 4 matches.

Team A

Alistair Lyon, Luke Meyers, Adie Andrew, Margaret Meikle

Team B

Richard Pougher, Pamela Walkden, Heather Russell, Di Hannah

Team C

David Peek, George Hood, Di Houlbrooke, Steven Lambourn

Team D

Carolyn Cole, Marion Moeller, Simon Pougher, Gilbert Ashworth

Team E

Laura Beever, Andy Hannah, Louis Sharkie, Sue Hughes

Team F

Andrew Tanner,Chris Houlbrooke, George Hartley, Simon Meyers

Team G

Andrew Robbins, Ann Meikle, Lisa Peters, Sara Andrew

Team H

Paul Isenwater, Ray King, Alan Glancey, Alistair Reed

Team I

James Pougher, David Whomsley, Garry  Coombs, Hugh Meikle

Team J

Jane Robbins, Ian Coyne, Peter Schofield, Lesley Gregory Deeside Early Birds - as per Premier League/League Cup. Wheelchair Curling Team - as per Premier League/League Cup. If you are a regular player at Deeside and have been left out, please contact Andrew (or leave your name and a comment below).

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